All major changes to my website are posted to this blog.


  • Added (content): Two new images added to
  • Added (calibre): Four new PDFs: “Introduction to Java Programming: Comprehensive Version”, “The C Programming Language”, “Ethics for the Information Age”, and “Head First Design Patterns”.
  • Changed (cryptad): Updated Cryptad to version 4.5.0.
  • Changed (cryptpad): Cryptad no longer allows user registration.
  • Changed (privatebin): Updated PrivateBin to version 1.3.5.
  • Changed (policies): Updated the main policy page, the Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
  • Changed (site-wide): The website no longer uses cookies for analytical/tracking purposes. While I will not confirm this, cookies should also no longer be used in general. I need to do some testing to find out if any part of the site or services uses cookies.

  • Added (status): Created a status page at
  • Added (dev): Created Its purpose serves as an area where I can modify and make changes at any notice, for the purpose of testing.
  • Changed (style): Enabled dark mode for
  • Changed (links): All links pointing to an internal address are now relative links instead of absolute links.
  • Fixed (fider): Fixed, after having accidentally deleted all of the data. I'm hoping to recover the lost data at some point, but for now, is now functional.

  • Added (cryptpad): Created (out of testing).
  • Added (sitemap): Added html sitemap page at
  • Added (sitemap): Added an xml sitemap page at
  • Added (links): Added links to both the HTML and XML sitemap pages on the about page under site links.
  • Changed (links): Replaced the “Site subdomains” on the about page with “Site Links”. This drop-down contains links to different areas of the website, that are not mentioned anywhere else on the website.

  • Added (subdomain): Created to replace the old, already removed, feedback system.
  • Added (subdomain): Created (currently testing).
  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to explain that We do not sell any personal data of consumers who use our service.
  • Changed (policies): Website policy forms are now hosted on the
  • Changed (style): Footer text is now smaller.

  • Added (links): Added a link to the new subdomain on the website homepage.
  • Added (subdomain): Created, which is a web app described to be a minimalist, open-source online Pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.