All major changes to my website are posted to this blog.

  • Added (links): Created a list of all the accessible subdomains for, on the about page.
  • Added (analytics): Matomo Analytics trackers have been set on pages they previously were not.
  • Added (subdomain): Created a new subdomain, where random files that don't really belong anywhere else, are placed.
  • Changed (links): Removed the Hardenize link from the about page.

  • Changed (pdfs): Renamed the 'cyberbooks' page to 'pdf-gallery'.
  • Changed (pdfs): All of the PDFs in the 'pdf-gallery' now present an image of their front cover.
  • Changed (style): Updated the rest of the footers to reflect the changes made in version 2021.1.19.

  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to include that we are currently hosting an instance of Matomo on Our servers, rather than hosting it on Matomo's servers.

  • Added (subdomain): Replaced the Sleekplan changelog with a new one at
  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to include that the last byte of all IP Addresses that are collected via Matomo are excluded (e.g. This reduces the accuracy of Geolocation data and increases the end user's privacy.
  • Changed (feedback): Removed feedback system provided by Sleekplan.

  • Changed (site-wide): Completely revamped and re-organized the website.

  • All previous changes to the website could not be transferred to this Changelog.